Mushroom Trip

How To Stop A Mushroom Trip?

Before taking magic mushrooms for the first time, it is usually not recommended to think about bad things. However, we disagree with this because you can never be sure of the reaction of your body and psyche. The psychedelic drug group, which includes psilocybin plants and a synthetic chemical formula of LSD, are the most unpredictable means of altering consciousness.

In addition to the properties of these magical substances themselves, you may also encounter external factors that can tip the scales towards negativity and danger in one minute. The introverted nature of this trip may not allow you to fully open up to your sitters and friends at the right time. In this regard, you need to understand how to stop a mushroom trip.

What is a bad trip?

Before defining options for solving a problem, it is necessary to focus on the cause of its occurrence. So, a bad trip is a steady state of panic and fear that arises during the intake of a psychoactive substance.

A fertile ground for a bad trip is a weakened state of the nervous system, a tendency to fear, suspicion, panic attacks, and other delights.

You must understand that if you have the above-described traits in your character, you risk more when taking it than other people. Consider this circumstance.

How to stop a bad mushroom trip?

There are several approaches to getting out of a bad trip. One of them involves working on oneself at the level of the psyche, and the other is relieving the condition with the help of recommended drugs that stop a mushroom trip, foods, and liquids.

First, let’s talk about working out mental tension. So what to do:

1) Stop oppressing yourself.

The doubting person will more often push themselves towards terrible sensations during use. For example, asking yourself unnecessary questions like: “Why am I doing this?”, “What am I doing with my life?”, “When will it finally end?” etc. You can also begin to delve into yourself, your pluses and minuses, criticize your actions and personality, and compare yourself with others. This is a surefire way to drive yourself to panic.

You need to catch yourself doing this and try to stop. You can ask the sitter to help you.

2) Communicate with a knowledgeable person. 

3) Stop controlling everything.

If such a state arises, it means that your consciousness is sounding an alarm, trying to return to reality. Because of these mind games, you can start counting the hours and minutes until the trip ends. Don’t allow yourself to do these tricks. Otherwise, you will turn into a person who will be hysterical and think that you will never get better. 

Tips for physical easing a bad trip include the following remedies:

 1) Vitamin C;

If you heard something about this and asked the question, “Does orange juice stop a mushroom trip?”, then we are glad to please you.

Just one glass of grapefruit, orange, or tangerine juice, and you feel better. And if you stock up on capsules with Vitamin C itself (0.035 ounces), then you will be even more secure.

 2) Valerian tablets and glucose;

When mixed with vitamins, they are more potent.

 3) Sweet;

Chocolate, tea, and other sweets will do.

 4) Walk in the fresh air;

It would be best if you didn’t go for a walk in a noisy metropolis. But if there is a park nearby, then feel free to head there.

Many people mention another way: drinking milk to stop mushroom trip, but we do not recommend it. Not everyone tolerates lactose well, and a mixture of mushrooms and milk can quickly ferment in the stomach.