Storage Of Vinyl Banners

Tips For Proper Maintenance And Storage Of Vinyl Banners

Not only do living things require increased attention. Marketing tools also deserve it, incredibly as fragile as those produced with vinyl banners printing. Although we often think that it is worth ordering, buying a thing and that’s it, our efforts should end there. In reality, this is far from the case because heavy-duty plastic also requires special care.

Vinyl is one of the most popular materials in the light industry for car upholstery and advertising. This item owes such popularity to one of its properties, namely immunity to water, dirt, and other actions of the external environment. 

However, even such a powerful tool, such a powerful substance requires observance of some rules in handling if you are going to use it for a long time. But suppose you close your eyes to our advice. In that case, you run the risk of quickly deteriorating the quality of the material and its appearance, which will lead you to unnecessary spending on a new advertising poster.

So what are the ways to store vinyl rolls?

 1) Clean and shine the banner in time

Every item on the street or lying idle in your warehouse can get very dirty. Even vinyl material is not 100 percent immune to this. It’s easy to clean, especially when compared to cloth or cardboard products, so don’t be lazy or forget to do it periodically. In addition, vinyl advertisements do not risk peeling, yellowing, cracking, or tearing. So the main problem is its purity.

How often should you clean up the dirt from the material? Once within three months will be enough if the banner hangs outside the store, company, etc. But if it is under your supervision, just indoors, in a warehouse, for example, then once a year will be enough. Do not use stiff, abrasive brushes. Instead, buy a regular sponge washcloth and mild soap. You should also avoid exposing your poster to chemicals, as you can destroy its structure. Also, forget about acetone, alcohol, solvents, and oxidants.

 2) Always roll up your banner when not in use.

So it is better preserved and prevents the appearance of folds on the material, which later will be very difficult or even impossible to remove.

Do not forget about one subtlety: if your banner has graphics, you should fold the banner with the letters outward. This way, your lettering won’t stop being sticky and can be easily applied later on. But if something is printed on the surface, you need to fold it inward. This will prevent the banner from fading.

 3) Do not store in the epicenter of heat.

High temperatures and proximity to a heat source will worsen the poster’s condition very quickly, just lightning fast. Therefore, the best way to store vinyl is a little cool, room temperature, dry, and away from the sun, stove, batteries, etc. This way, the ink will not be reprinted on the other side of the banner, and it will not crack.

 4) Protect the banner from mechanical damage.

If you leave it open on a table, closet, etc., even if it is folded, you cannot be sure that no one will hook it with clothes, drop it, or something on it. Mechanical damage will also affect the material. Better buy a unique tube for banners.