Magic Mushroom Strain

What Is The Most Potent Magic Mushroom Strain?

Do you think you know everything about these expanding and changing consciousness methods since you decided to breed them? Unfortunately or fortunately, there are always things that we, even experts, may not know, for example, about the number of psychedelic plant species existing in the world. For your information, there are almost 200 of them, but everyone who buys magic mushrooms takes the same variety – psilocybe cubensis. By the way, it is far from the most potent magic mushroom strain.

Are you ready to find out what features are inherent in various powerful wild species of shroom and their advantages and disadvantages in terms of cultivation? Then continue to read our magic mushroom strain guide carefully, and you will become one step higher in the knowledge of the magical universe of the divine plant.

Let’s make a reservation right away that only those types of mushrooms are considered psilocybin, in the chemical composition of which two psychoactive components are attracted – psilocin and psilocybin, how effective the use of one of the species is considered depend on their quantity.

Which strain of magic mushroom is the best?

1) Psilocybe cubensis

It’s best to start with something you’ve already heard about or perhaps even tried before. This species is the most common in the United States, and perhaps worldwide, since it is quite unpretentious in terms of climate for comfortable living, the amount of space required, fertilizer, etc.

Farmers-growers prefer them, so it is easiest to find the magic mushroom strain that suits your needs because over the years of home cultivation, they have bred many subspecies, the power of which exceeds the force of the impact of wild plants. The most popular and good strains are Pink Buffalo, B +, and Golden Teachers.

2) Psilocybe azurescens

You don’t even have to doubt which species to choose because if you manage to find it, it will be the best magic mushroom strain in terms of the power and brightness of the trip. But it will be tough to grow such a thing since they need fresh air, a lot of light, and open space. The psilocybin content of this mushroom will be about 1.78%.

3) Psilocybe bohemica

Its psilocybin level is only half a percent lower than the previous strain. At the same time, it will be a little easier to grow them since the plant is not so picky and more adaptable to low temperatures. However, it will be difficult to order them since the homeland and habitat of shrooms is in the fields of the Czech Republic, and this is very far from the United States

4) Psilocybe semilanceata

Most likely, the most optimal option for you, since there will be no problems with searches within the country, because they grow on our territory, especially in wetlands, near rivers, lakes, and places of grazing. The second reason why you should choose semilanceata is the presence of psilocybin in it in an amount of almost 1 percent. Do not look at the fact that this is not the highest indicator since aspects of convenience and profitability are also important in growing.

This is, of course, not a complete list of psilocybin products, as there are many more potent strains out there, but they are far inferior in terms of potency and availability of strains. We would advise you to opt for the latter variety. Good luck with your experiments!