Leather Nails

Get Leather Nails with Wow Effect | Nails Inc

Nevermind the stampede for sales, the new Nails Inc leather effect polish has got us going gaga. Since December, it’s been selling out across the country again, with nail fans clamoring to get their hands on a bottle and waiting lists going into the thousands.

Susan Wringe from Harvey Nichols store says that their black version of polish is different, and no other company has got anything like it. It looks like leather and feels like leather, but it’s polished. (Still, it’s even more pleasant to touch than, for instance, waifu pillow). It’s brilliant and really has that wow factor. And what’s even better is that it’s very easy to do; it’s just an undercoat followed by two coats of polish. It’s not a high gloss finish, it’s very matte, and it’s going to stand out.

The leather polish set comes in two shades; tan or black. Then there are the sparkling skulls which, you can put on any nails, but Susan tells me to look great on the thumbnails because of the bigger nail size. For each polish shade, there are different colored skulls, so for the tan there are four gold skulls, the silver skulls go with the black.

Those who do love the black leather polish can also find themselves coveting the tan. It is because of its neutrality whilst the black is gorgeous, it’s bolder whereas the tan is more subtle.

Begin using nails ink undercoat before applying two coats of leather polish. Then just sit and watch the leather effect take place. It goes on smooth and glossy, but after a minute the texture begins to change; it almost looks cracked and bumpy and any shine or gloss disappears. When it’s dry to touch, I run my fingers over it, and it feels rough and looks like a piece of worn leather.

To fix the skulls, pick whatever finger you’re going to attach it to and add a dot of glue, place the skull on top and hold with a nail stick for about a minute to let it set. It felt really secure, although since the skull bones stick out a bit, do be careful it doesn’t get caught on anything. If you like texture, then you’ll love this. Like the Caviar polish, it gives nails a 3D effect that goes beyond the traditional matte or glossy finish.

The Bling It On Leather & Skulls sets cost £19 and this includes the leather effect polish in either the black or tan, four skulls, and glue, buy from the Nails Inc counter in Edinburgh’s Harvey Nichols store or via the nails inc website – but be fast because these are selling fast!